Ping Me UP!

Why use a Ping Test Online?

The Ping Test uses a series of "Internet Control Message Protocol" (ICMP) echo messages to check whether a remote host computer is active or inactive. So ping is a network utility with only one purpose: It sends an ICMP echo command to a target host that responds to it as quickly as possible. Normally, a version of the Ping tool is implemented in every operating system. You will definitely find it in the most widely used operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This online ping test is performed via WebSockets. The results are similar to the test via ICMP (Ping via command line or console).

Origin of the name Ping: The name "ping" comes from military technology. Since the Second World War sonar has been used to detect submarines. The sound signal emitted in a submarine sounds like a high knocking sound, which is described as "ping". The ping program was made available as a Request for Comment (RFC) to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Often "ping" is abbreviated to "Packet Internet Groper". However, the author of the program himself said: "From my point of view, PING is not an acronym for 'Packet InterNet Grouper', but an analogy to sonar".