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Examples of google dorking guide

Dork Pattern ➪ google dork document + movies ➪ [ intext:"Free Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software by ViArt" +"Your shopping cart is empty!" + "Products Search" +"Advanced Search" + "All Categories", "Shadow Security Scanner performed a vulnerability assessment", intitle:FRITZ!Box inurl:login.lua , allinurl: admin mdb, inurl:"Makefile.in" ext:in, inurl:typo3conf/l10n/. ] Also Useful: "inurl:"/course/jumpto.php?jump="", "intitle:"Login to Calendar"", "allinurl: modules-php-name-Siir", "inurl:":8006" and intext:"Proxmox VE Login"", ""iSpy Keylogger" "Passwords Log" ext:txt", "inurl:"BasicAuthenticator:LOCAL"", "Powered By: Forest Blog v1.3.2", "inurl:robots.txt intext:CHANGELOG.txt intext:disallow ext:txt -site:github.com", "intext:"Site by Triware Technologies Inc"", "'apc info' 'apc.php?SCOPE='", "inurl:"com_mambowiki"", "intext:"phone * * *" "address *" "e-mail" intitle:"curriculum vitae"".

About: Nice dorking tricks for wordpress version, tool, "tryhackme walkthrough", credit card info and sqli. Great Dorks for "dorkbot", use, parameters or automation, google dork document (methods, filetype, instagram password, "find email addresses").