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Examples of fast google dorks scan github

Dork Pattern ➪ google dork date + email search ➪ [ inurl:/ ims login, inurl:/dana-na/ filetype:cgi, Server: Mida eFramework , inurl:dpage.php?docID, intitle:"Login - OpenStack Dashboard" inurl:"dashboard", inurl::/app/kibana "Kibana" -discuss -ipaddress -git. ] Also Useful: "ext:config + " password=" + "", "site:scartserver.com", "allintext:"Home Member Search Chat Room Forum Help/Support privacy policy"", ""Phaser 6250" "Printer Neighborhood" "XEROX CORPORATION"", "(intitle:"plexpy - home" OR "intitle:tautulli - home") AND intext:"libraries"", "filetype:sql (“values * MD5″ | “values * password” | “values * encrypt”)", "inurl:"dispatch.php?atknodetype" | inurl:class.at", "inurl:"https://blackboard" | inurl:"http://blackboard"", "inurl:wls-wsat intext:"weblogic.wsee.wstx.wsat"", "site:azurewebsites.net inurl:.gov | .mil | .edu", ""Powered by mnoGoSearch - free web search engine software"", "mediaHolder.php?id".

About: Dorks to get for gdrive, document type, "env files", directory listing and scanner apk. "ftp", results, software or intext, google dork date (sql injection, tryhackme walkthrough, manual, "paypal").