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Examples of hackers google dorks

Dork Pattern ➪ google dork for pdf + list sql ➪ [ inurl:/wp-content/w3tc/dbcache/, intitle:"Welcome to ZyXEL" -zyxel.com, "OK logout" inurl:vb.htm?logout=1 , intitle:"Deluge: Web UI" inurl:":8112", inurl:"trace" ext:axd intext:"password", "Powered by Ajax Portal 3.0". ] Also Useful: "intitle:"index of" "adminsubscribeack.txt"", "intext:"Remository 3.25. is technology by Black Sheep Research"", "site:/auth.*.*/login", "inurl:"cs.html?url="", "cat_sell.php?cid= or selloffers.php?cid=", "(intitle:"SilkyMail by Cyrusoft International, Inc", ""PHP WEBQUEST VERSION " or inurl:"/phpwebquest/"", "intitle:"index.of" intext:"access.txt"", "Thyme 1. © 2006 eXtrovert Software LLC. All rights reserved", ""Powered by ProjectCMS"", "intitle:"Index of" dbconvert.exe chats", "inurl:mikrotik filetype:backup".

About: Google dorks to find gift cards, online cameras, "bug bounty github", open camera and wifi hack. How to use dorking for "books", online camera, deutsch or xml, google dork for pdf (games, filetype pdf, domain, "builder").