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Examples of google dork command line

Dork Pattern ➪ google dork for file upload vulnerability + finding files ➪ [ inurl:index.php?mode=game_player, inurl:"/arcgis/rest/services", inurl:/dana-na/ filetype:cgi , filetype:vsd vsd network -samples -examples, intitle: "Welcome to nginx!" + "Thank you for using nginx.", inurl:cgi-bin "ARRIS Enterprises". ] Also Useful: "inurl: 1051/viewer/live/index.html?lang=en", "intitle:"Index of" wp-content", ""powered by mailgust"", "intitle:"index of" "config.db"", "ssh_host_dsa_key.pub + ssh_host_key + ssh_config = "index of / "", "inurl:/student/login.php", ""Powered by KaiBB 1.0.1"", ""powered by openbsd" +"powered by apache"", "powered by sX-Shop", "inurl:"/root/etc/passwd" intext:"home/*:"", "intext:\"enable secret $\"", "intitle:"Zope Help System" inurl:HelpSys".

About: Google hacking for jenkins, online cameras, "movies", sans and find email addresses. Google dorking lists for "allintext", joomla sites, camera hacking or wordpress sites, google dork for file upload vulnerability (hikvision, new, tool github, "cheat sheet github").