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Examples of google dorks xml

Dork Pattern ➪ google dorks movies + habr ➪ [ inurl:"read.php?datespan=", intitle:"Status & Control" + "Thermostat Status" +"HVAC Settings" +"Zone Temperature", inurl:"install/install.php" , allinurl:awstats.pl?config=, intitle:"Azureus : Java BitTorrent Client Tracker", intext:"Warning: Division by zero in" "on line" -forum. ] Also Useful: "intitle:mywebftp "Please enter your password"", "site:*/joomla/administrator", "intitle:"index of" "google-api-private-key.json"", "inurl:"/admin/index.php?msg=" inurl:"%20"", "inurl:"/errors/report.php" intext:"There has been an error processing your request"", "intext:"vbulletin" inurl:admincp", "Uebimiau Webmail v3.2.0-1.8", ""Powered by Simple PHP Text newsletter"", ""Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE" "on line" filetype:php", "intitle:"index of" and intext:"vendor" and intext:"phpunit"", "intitle:"iGuard Fingerprint Security System"", "inurl:iProber2.php ext:php".

About: Google hacks for bypass admin, hacking credit cards, "regex", recon and wifi hack. Dorking info for "intext", with examples, query list or specific site, google dorks movies (best, emails, wordpress sites, "find email addresses").