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Stay safe: Unshorten ANY Link

Check your URLs! Where does this link redirect to? Find out using a smart link checker!
Use this free anonymous online HTML source code viewer for quick research.
It helps to detect SEO tricks, scams, phishing links, bad code and malware.

Domain / IP Tools


Safer Web URL Analyzer

Is this website safe? Lets make a quick website safety check! This link checker tool provides many of the best resources for virus, malware or malicious code scanning websites. Check url safety and analyze unsafe websites.

All in one Domain IP Check

Check any link or URL with free tools like: Whois Lookup, Ping Test, Domain Age, Traceroute, MX Records, IP Address Location and much more.

Anonymous HTML Source Code Viewer

View any HTML source code and get a quick overview of important elements of the site.
-> Nice source code viewer
-> Full Server Header Checker. Incl. Cookies
-> All links, scripts, iframes and forms are listed separately
-> Displays plain text only
-> Detects and stops redirect attempts (HTML, Java, Head etc.) automatically
-> Detects uncommon Header settings
-> Detects forced downloads

Err - too many Redirects caused by URL Shortener?

There are many ways to redirect a website url. You can use html, php, javascript, meta, or jquery redirects. Redirecting links via apache, nginx, htaccess or DNS works too. Many times a redirect is a 301 or 302 redirect. Often url shortener use location redirects in the server header. You can use this link checker to unshorten and expand or reverse any custom link shortener like e.g. the google url shortener, bit ly links, tiny url or short links for reddit, twitter, facebook, youtube, linkedin or whatever. So you can see in advance where the link goes to. This url and link expander works automatically. It will stop any redirect attempt and gives you the opportunity to analyze every html site in detail.

Why use an Anonymous Proxy Server?

What is a proxy server? If you want to investigate bad sites, you should work as undetected as possible. Sometimes these pages change their source code and camouflage themselves when they recognize an IP address of a known safety page. This can be prevented by using an anonymous proxy server. And best of all, let some of them rotate randomly. The same is true for the UserAgent used.


It started with all those link shorteners bugging me, so I wrote myself a quick link expander script. A little later a distant relative became a victim of a phishing link. To examine the attack page a bit more closely, I extended the script. Over time it became a small tool with which I like to analyze links. This page is meant to be a useful addition to all the other great security, link checker, html code viewer or link expander websites. Share if you like. Cheers!