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Stay safe: Use a Redirect Checker

Be sure to check your URLs, folks! Need to know where that link goes to? Get it sorted quickly with a smart redirect checker - use this free, anonymous online HTML source code viewer for your research needs. It can help you detect potential SEO scams, phishing links, malicious code, and malware. Peace of mind in seconds - what more could you ask for?

What are URL redirects?

Redirects are the hidden workhorses of the online world, making it easy to direct users to exactly the right page. A URL redirect is a way to automatically transfer web users from one page to another without any extra input required - and there are lots of ways it can be used. Take, for instance, social media channels where every characters counts. If a link is too long, you can assign a shorter URL which automatically redirects visitors. But redirects are not just restricted to social media – indeed, they can be used to great effect offline too. A business might use a memorable URL to guide prospective customers to a specific page with an exclusive deal or offer. What's more, redirects provide a way to keep tabs on who's accessed the page as well as measuring marketing campaign performance. In short, they're an integral tool for navigating the digital realm and can give you the power to control where people go online.

Redirect Checker Video Tutorial

Here is a short video tutorial on how to use this tool. Enjoy!

What is a URL redirect checker?

A URL redirect checker is like a secret weapon for keeping yourself and your biz safe in the online world. It can uncover links that have been carefully concealed by shortening, disguising, etc., so you know where they are really pointing. It's a must-have tool for security-conscious people, 'cos it shows the complete path of the URL, including all those redirects. For example, if there's a mini-URL with a long backstory, an URL redirect checker will reveal the whole story behind it. And with phishing threats lurking around, an URL redirect checker can also be invaluable for spotting malicious links. Additionally, for digital marketers, this tool helps in keeping track of SEO campaigns – with the full path of a URL in sight, you can make sure all the links lead to the desired pages. To sum up, URL redirect checkers are essential for discovering obfuscated links and keeping everyone secure.

Why use this redirect link checker?

Have you ever been stupefied by a link and thought, “Where does this lead?” If so, then a URL redirect checker is the tool for you. Referred to as anything from a link checker to a 301 redirect checker or URL tester, this analysis tool follows the full path of URLs, short links, and tiny URLs. Put simply, it will track redirects including those managed by PHP, htaccess, NGINX, JavaScript, and meta-refreshes until you reach the destination. But why use one? For starters, this redirect tracer helps you troubleshoot link issues and conduct competitive intelligence that never existed before.

Why is URL redirect checking important even for websites?

When you're relocating a website or renaming URLs, forwarding the old address to the new one is essential. Ensuring the process doesn't result in a 404 error means checking with a URL redirect checker. SEOs rely on this link follower too, as link influence (PageRank) is diluted by redirect chains – making sure the journey is direct boosts the chances of successful ranking. If a link results in an error during the redirection process, you can kiss goodbye any PageRank influence and traffic. Similarly, affiliate marketers benefit from shortened links or tiny URLs that mask the real URL. However, broken redirects mean lost affiliate income. saves the day here too; it allows you to check those links to make sure they go where they should and then expand them to show the full path. Finally, tracing all affiliate programs means cutting out middle-men affiliates – ensuring greater profits.

Conclusion ;)

So there you have it: a URL redirect checker is more than just a link checker; it's an essential tool for maximizing success on the web.


It started with all those link shorteners bugging me, so I wrote myself a quick link expander script. A little later a distant relative became a victim of a phishing link. To examine the attack page a bit more closely, I extended the script. Over time it became a small tool with which I like to analyze links. This page is meant to be a useful addition to all the other great security, link checker, html code viewer or link expander websites. Share if you like. Cheers!

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